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Social Protection for Children

We provide opportunity for children to excel and rise above the limitations of their environment.

Relationships with parents, family members and guardians, shape the way children see and learn about the world and their world. These relationships affect all areas of their development. Relationships allow each other to express themselves and the response given from the adult provides information on what the world is like and how they might or should act, behave, and develop social skills in the world.


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines child maltreatment as abuse and neglect that occurs to children under eighteen (18) years of age. It includes all types of physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, negligence and commercial or other exploitation, which results in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship, trust or power.


Based on the Annual Guyana Statistics from 2020, the number of children abused stood at 4,149.


Pleion Foundation seeks to focus on four categories that affect children and statistics for 2020 can be seen below.

  • Physical Abuse – 972 children (572 boys, 400 girls)

  • Sexual Abuse – 1,056 children (194 boys, 862 girls)

  • Neglect – 2,044 children (1,1123 boys, 921 girls)

  • Abandonment – 17 children (11 boys, 6 girls)










572 | 400

194 | 862

1,123 | 921

11 | 6

BOYS | GIRLS | 2020

BOYS | GIRLS | 2020

BOYS | GIRLS | 2020

BOYS | GIRLS | 2020

Annual Statistics 2020

Number of Children Abused


Child exposure to domestic violence in the home can have a psychological and mental effect. A child seeing, hearing, being told about it or seeing the aftermath of the abuse and control of one parent to the next. is detrimental to the development of the child or children in the household.


Women living with abusive partners face enormous challenges in being the best mothers they can be. This can also be reversed for the role of the father.


The 2020 Annual Guyana Statistics reflect that there were 477 domestic violence cases and 681 domestic dispute/conflict cases.

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